A Tier One Mining Jurisdiction

  • Brazil is a Tier One Mining Jurisdiction that accounts for over 30% of the World’s demand for Iron Ore.
  • It is the largest exporter of Lithium, Tin, and Manganese, and has rich reserves of Gold, Nickel, Bauxite, and Niobium.
  • Brazil is also the biggest miner of REE outside of China
  • It is known for its pro-mining climate supported by its President encouraging foreign projects. Accords permit three years for Exploration Leases and up to three years extension, which can be converted to Mining Licences.
  • The country has a solid record of honoring mining agreements
  • Brazil is the 9th largest economy in the World with a nominal GDP of $1.85 Trillion driven mostly by the mining sector


High-Grade Lithium Assets & Energy Minerals

Significant Holdings in Brazil's Prolific Lithium Regions

  • Spark Energy Minerals has secured a lithium ground position of ~ 112,243 hectares, with multiple anomalies targets defined within the prospective ‘lithium valley’
  • The government of Minas Gerais has launched the Lithium Valley Brazil initiative (Vale do Lítio) with the aim of developing cities in the Northeast and North regions of the state around the lithium production chain.
  • Drilling targets will be the focus for 2024 at the three lithium licenses to confirm the known potential for lithium in spodumene pegmatites in this region and over the lithium licenses
  • These licenses are in the most extensive exploration acreage of Brazil near by to producers Sigma Lithium and the government mine, CBL. The focus is on exploration for outcropping pegmatites in preliminary prospecting.
  • TSX-V listed Sigma Lithium (TSXV: SGMA) discovered the Grota do Cirilio lithium deposit in 2017 growing to a current market capitalization of US$4.3 billion.
  • Sigma Lithium Resources is the most active lithium explorer in the region with a world-class lithium resource base which currently stands at 45.7Mt @1.38% Li2O contained within four separate deposits, with a combined footprint of approximately 105 hectares.
  • The region is home to other notable lithium projects, including the Companhia Brasileira de Lítio’s (CBL) Cachoeira mine, which has been producing lithium since 1993; Latin Resources’ expanding Salinas lithium Project; and near-term lithium producer Sigma Lithium’s Grotado Cirilo project.

Brazil Project Locations


Minas Gerais Property, Brazil and Area Peers (AKA The MG Property)

Ceara Property, Brazil and Area Peers (AKA The CE Property)

Rio Grande Do Norte Property, Brazil and Area Peers (AKA The RN Property)